If synthetic dreads are your thing, read on…

I am looking for models as I have decided I want to make dreads, sell them and install them.

For a period, I need to sell dreads at cost to build my portfolio.


Here is the colour chart for Diversity Hair, there’s an amazing range, so if you are interested in a certain mix of colours – I can hopefully order them from there :)

I plan on making two full sets to sell as pre-mades, and perhaps some accent kits.

Choices you would have if you order some smooth twisted synthetic dreadlocks are:

  • Single Ended (SE) or Double Ended (DE) – double would give more volume than your natural hair
  • Single colour, or multiple colours as: Transitionals; Harlequins; Popcorn / Knotty No-seal; Candycane; Blended (I am not attempting Naturals or Crocheted yet).
  • Curly or straight
  • Length of dreads
  • Skinny or fat dreads
  • Embellishments – like beads

This document explains all the different types of dreads (with pictures)

I am also keen to try making dread wigs and clip ins / falls, and to work with wool roving.

Pricing is yet to be decided.


Here are my latest dreads, self install ~3 hours


For some inspiration why not do a Google images search for “Synthetic dreads”


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