New hair delivery!

So I’ve taken the plunge and started making dreads. So far it’s been fun, not too much burning myself with the steamer, or getting stuck for ideas.

These were the first dreads I have ever made. They have a bit of hair poking out – I have since gone over them with clippers. I need to work on consistency of length!

DSC_1356 DSC_1355 DSC_1354 DSC_1353

The next day I experimented with different patterns. It’s a shame the only colours I had were not too different from each other!

Here’s a popcorn style DE dread (click on the picture to enlarge):


Here’s a SE transitional:


Here are all the SEs on a shoelace:


And here are the DE:


What I have been stuck for is colour. A long time ago, I intended to braid my hair in natural colours and so bought some dark brown and light brown / dark blonde. I also have neon magenta, electric blue and black. None of these colours together would make the fab dreads I want to start on, so I’ve placed an order some orders with Diversity Hair.
The first has arrived, the rest will next week. I now have some gorgeous purples, greens and blues 🙂

Purples, greens and blues

I am excited to get started, but first I need to get some studying out of the way (good enough reason to write a blog post!).

The colour chart for Diversity Hair is amazing too, so if you are interested in a certain mix of colours – I can hopefully order them from there 🙂

I plan on making two full sets to sell as pre-mades, and perhaps some accent kits.

Choices you would have if you order some smooth twisted synthetic dreadlocks are:

  • Single Ended (SE) or Double Ended (DE)
  • Single colour, or multiple colours as: Transitionals; Harlequins; Popcorn / Knotty No-seal; Candycane; Blended (I am not attempting Naturals or Crocheted yet).
  • Curly or straight

This document explains all the different types of dreads (with pictures)

I am also keen to try making dread wigs and clip ins / falls, and to work with wool roving.

Pricing is yet to be decided.


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